A web based, four part professional development video series featuring Dr. Timothy Rasinski is now available on the internet. The series is divided into forty-six separate segments of presentations and demonstrations. Each video segment, ranging from 3 to 10 minutes, can be used to supplement dozens of in-service sessions throughout the school year.:
  • Making and writing words
  • Building word ladders
  • Choral reading and singing
  • Focusing on words in songs
  • Discussing word meanings
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Composing stories
  • Reciting poetry
  • Practicing phrase boundaries
  • Repeating readings and speeches
  • and taking roles in readers theater
These video clips can be used to reinforce in-service sessions by demonstrating best practices proven to be effective in teaching reading.

          Kent State Reading Clinic

         Predicting Story Outcomes


FREE Video Segments Online

For Teachers, Schools and School Districts
46 video segments are organized in four parts:
  • Part One: Decoding and Fluency
  • Part Two: Readers Theater
  • Part Three: Comprehension
  • Part Four: Sing-Along
NOTE: Many of the web based segments are supplemented by reproducible handouts.
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